Lightness, balance and magnetic closing framed in genuine wood.

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KAYU 130

Patented purity made of titanium and anodised aluminum with addictively retractable tip.

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Because each Kayu is completely our work, we can think through all the details down to the smallest bit. We solve how thick the pen will be, how it will be balanced or how the individual materials will follow each other. So you can really enjoy your Kayu.


Treat yourself to maximum user comfort. You will not find anything on Kayu pens that would bother you while writing. Edges, threads or imbalances are enemies for your grip that we simply left out. Because our only goal is your enjoyment of writing.


You can be sure that the whole Kayu is invented and made in the Czech Republic. We manufacture all parts ourselves, we only supply tips and magnets. Sometimes it's hard work, but it's worth it. We believe that you can recognize this when writing with Kayu.



In 2013, we decided to start making our own pens, which no one in the world has. In 2015, we produced the first series of wooden fountain pens. In 2019, we obtained a patent for our Kayu 130. Who are we, how did it all go and where are we heading?


Luxurious, great design, work - huge satisfaction. I will definitely call again.

Lenka Matulková


I'm a pen geek and I find Kayu best of all my pens. It fits nicely and is pleasant to the hand.

Petr Hykel

Marketing consultant

The pen is pleasant to the hand, it writes beautifully and I am extremely satisfied with it.

Gabi Glass

Wilderness Medical Society Manager

The pen is beautiful, thank you for making me very happy. The packaging is also very nicely thought out. I keep my fingers crossed that you have a lot of customers and that you are doing well in the future.

Jaroslav Urbánek


I received a pen as a gift. After filling it with ink, I tried how he writes, and that's why I'm writing to you. I like handicrafts, I devote myself to craftsmanship and since I have experience with other pens as well, I am very happy to say that Kayu is much easier and more relaxed to write with. It is a pleasure to do loops and ripples with it. It is also well balanced. Thank you for the good work and I appreciate what you are doing!

Jan Řízek


I was so delighted and flattered to see the beautiful pen, embossed with the name 'Sade,' on the opening night of my play QUILLS at the National Theater in Brno. It has an honored place on my desk; I use it to sign important documents, pen letters, and even write holiday cards. It works handsomely, and makes me grin every time I use it. 

Doug Wright

Acclaimed Author

I write everything really important with a pen. And I also sign a huge number of documents, for example, more than 1,200 new salary assessments at the end of the year. It is a tough test. Then I know 100% whether I like the new pen or not. And Kayu passed this test very well!

Martin Glasser

Director of National Theatre Brno

We just handed over the pen and we all unwrapped it together. And we are delighted! Starting with beautiful, distinctive packaging, through the postcard and case, to the most beautiful pen I've ever seen. Really. How nice it smells! So I want to thank you once again, you made us the most beautiful gift we could wish for. I will definitely recommend it to everyone and maybe one day I will get one pen myself.

Kateřina Bicanová

Medical Sciences Student

Hello, Michael, I confirm that the pen has arrived successfully and is GREAT! Just beautiful, I must say that both the pen and the beautiful packaging took my breath away. Thank you very much again, I'm going to enjoy it and wish you a beautiful day and a relaxing week.

Martina Knoppová


Can't wait to see what next! I love the pen I bought at design blok in Prague.

Sameer Butt


Dear Mr. Klaška, I would like to thank you very much for a beautifully crafted pen, I like it very much, it is perfectly written with. In addition, I would like to appreciate the whole packaging, which is funny and thoughtful. It was a joy and an "adventure" to gradually get to the pen and other surprises. Thank you again and I wish you many more satisfied customers and success.

Jiří Ďuk

University educationalist

The package arrived safely. Thank you very much! Such as a thrill, packaging, surprise, pen, case. Absolutely amazing and great! Thank you so much. Have a very nice time and wish only satisfied customers.

Jana Majzlíková



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