"I make pens and I love it. It took more than three and a half years to fine-tune everything to the current stage and turn an 'office mouse' into a craftsman. And in retrospect, I'm still amazed at how much Kayu and I are developing. Pens are my life right now and it's beautiful."



"My main content is the visual side of Kayu and I also take care of the production of packaging, printed materials and other invisible things around. Apart from Kayu, I have fun with our daughter, gardening ..."



At the turn of 2012 and 2013, I decided to leave the office profession and become a manufacturer of fountain pens.

This year, my future wife, a partner and a great support, Andrejka, came to my life.

In May 2015, after almost three years of development, learning the craft and tuning all the processes, I was able to completely leave the original profession and bet everything on one card, Kayu.

At the end of the summer of this year, we won our first really large order for Volkswagen Slovakia in the volume of more than 100 pens.

Later in October, we participated in our first year of the elite design exhibition in the Czech Republic, Designblok, and immediately received a nomination for the best new product of that year. We did not win, but it was very pleasant to get into the top three.

After more than two years of hard work in the workshop, we immersed ourselves in development for a while and came up with a new Kayu 130 pen.

We joined Honza Vacl, an enthusiast for limted-series metal production from IndividualCZ, so that together we cacould start producing a really high-quality series of Kayu 130 pens.

At the same time, this year we launched the third type of pen, Kayu Kuka. This simple dipping pen is aimed especially at artists who love drawing or calligraphy.

We have reached the limit of 500 pieces of handmade pens


We managed to successfully complete the patent procedure for our Kayu 130 and obtained the Czech patent No. 307915.

We were approached by Centropen, a legend in the field of stationery, to redesign one of the products for them. The project was successfully completed by handing over documentation and models for further development.

We have developed the second generation Kayu 130 pen, which is made of titanium and aviation aluminum.

We are preparing the second development versions by Egino and Kuka, which will offer new comfort and improved usability.

We are developing two new products, a breakthrough version and also a system for filling markers and markers, which could revolutionize recycling.