"Comes from the future and speaks clearly and briefly."

An ideal place for grip, a cap you can't lose, good weight and balance, smooth and functional design. We tried to solve all these common ailments of classic fountain pens in one pen: Kayu 130. Straight and smooth shape without edges in both closed and open states, retractable tip fixed with a magnetic cap, and patented titanium-aluminum construction. All this makes the Kayu 130 a unique tool for everyday writing and more demanding projects.

Patented wonder of simplicity

Don't screw, don't squeeze, just pull. The patented magnetic opening system is guaranteed to please you. Remove the cap and put it on the opposite side of the pen. The cap pushes out the nib and holds it in the writing position. Closing is as easy as the opening. Simply maximum efficiency without any crap.

Highly durable materiels

Is there a pen for a lifetime? We make the Kayu 130 body from titanium. It is light and yet as hard as stainless steel. Using the latest technologies, we may have it coated in various shades. This combination hardly ages and does not wear out even in harder conditions.

Whole metal yet Lightweight 

You won't believe it's all metal. Nevertheless, the 130.2 weighs only 25.5 grams. This still ranks it among the lighter fountain pens. Thanks to the minimalist cap, which is placed on the back end of the pen when writing, you won't even know it's there. And you will never lose it.

Clip is not the only answer

Do you miss the clip on Kayu 130? Yes, we believe that a minimum of people nowdays carry a pen in their breast pocket. And if you're worried that your pen will fall off the table, don't worry. Thanks to the tilted center of gravity, it simply does not roll. Howgh.

Boundless grip

Grip it where you need, because it allows you to. We designed the Kayu 130 so that you always have the same grip shape. Regardless of whether you hold the pen down from the nib or higher on the body. Whether it is closed or open. You know best how to hold your pen most comfortably.

Nib you can rely on

The nib is always the heart of the pen. That's why we use only high-quality tips from German manufacturers for the 130 as well. There is an inexhaustible number of variants of tip thickness, material, and surface treatment to choose from. You can also choose to fill: with cartridges or a converter.




Closed length130 mm

Thirteen and eleven seem to be magic numbers in writing. 13 cm or 130 mm, came out as the ideal pen length.

Open length
148 mm

We measure the open length, including the nib, it can vary by units of millimeters depending on the selected nib.

Grip diameter
11,2 mm

The diameter of the grip is the same everywhere in the 130, for maximum comfort and writing without any restrictions.

±  25,5 g

The pen without refills weighs a little over 25 grams, which is a weight that is common with fountain pens. But the feel of 130 will also satisfy lovers of heavier pens.


With all Kayu 130 pens, you can choose whether you want to fill the pen with cartridges or suck ink from the inkwell with a converter.


We use high-quality nibs from German manufacturers in basic thicknesses F, M and B and surface finishes of steel, gold-plated steel and solid gold. But there are many more possibilities.


We are able to provide the pen with a monogram or text for an additional 380 CZK according to your requirements. Most often we place it at the upper edge of the pen. But we can place it virtually anywhere.


If you want a pen of a special shape, other length or perhaps provided with hand engraving, we will be happy to accommodate you. Unleash your imagination.