"Highly amusing scribbling ever experienced."

We feel responsibilite for the environment in which we live. So we came up with this simple yet sexy ball pen. The whole body is either recycled wood or plastic from used Curaprox toothbrushes. The refill is ejected and retracted with a stainless steel or brass screw and gives the pencil a great detail. The total length of the pen is 113 mm and weighs 15 grams, including the recycled cartridge. Write consciously and with humor. Kayu Ain will be your devoted partner in this.

From useless to irresistible

We use exclusively recycled materials for the entire body of the Kayu Ain ballpoint pen. It is either unused exotic wood from the production of guitars or for example, played drumsticks. Our masterpiece is the Curaprox edition, in which we use used (and well disinfected) toothbrushes.

Hand turned from one piece

We have tried to use as few parts and non-recycled parts as possible on this pen. In addition to the body, the toothbrush pens thus consist only of the refill, the spring and the turned screw. For wooden pens, only a metal thread is added.

Just one cool screw

Why make it complicated? The classic ballpoint pen mechanisms seemed too complicated and faulty. And so we equipped Kayu Ain with only one super screw, which will take care of the whole closing and opening of the pen.

Grab it where you need

You will not find any transverse edges or unevenness on the recycled Kayu Ain pens that could limit you when writing. Just a continuous smooth surface that will make your writing a joyous experience.

Refill made of 95% recycled plastic

What would a recycled pen be without a recycled refill? Fortunately, there are great Schneider ECOs made from 95% recycled plastic. You can choose between black and blue and a thin or medium thickness writing width. Cool!




Closed length113 mm

The pen measures the ideal 113 mm, with the tip inserted into the body of the pen and the screw extended.

Open length
113 mm

After screwing in, the tip will be ejacted, but guess what, the length of the pen will not change!

Grip diameter
10,5 mm

The diameter of the grip of wooden pens is 10.5 mm, for plastic ones it narrows towards the tip.

±  15 g

The Kayu pen is filled with refills marked 4441 or 4442. We use Schneider ECO refill made of 95% recycled plastic.


For the Kayu Nikini pen, only cartridge filling is currently possible. We are preparing to fill with a microconverter in the future.


With our refills, you can choose from two colors, black and blue, and thus from two tip thicknesses, thin and medium.