Let your important employees or clients know how much you care about them. A personalized fountain pen is one of the great ways to put it.

Corporate pens in company colors for PGRLF
Corporate pens in company colors for PGRLF

We have great experience in the production of pens for companies and we can meet your needs to the maximum. If you have a clear idea of what the pens should look like, we will try to fill it completely. And if you like pens, but just do not know what to choose, we will be happy to go through the whole process with you and choose the best solution. Together we will find a suitable material, color, pen decoration and even personalization of printed matter and we will make pens for you that no one else in the world has.

We know that quality working and business relationships are perhaps the most important thing in the whole business. We will be happy to help you build them, send us your ideas.



Volkswagen Slovakia

100+ gift pens for VIP partners

Supportive and Guarantee farming and forestry fund

18 pens in a special hue

National Theatre Brno

Special edition of pens for the premiere of Quills play

Masaryk University

40 dip pens for top students

City of Hustopeče

Pens from local almond trees


10+ pens for TOP emloyees


Gift pens for VIP clients

Our Financial Cooperative

20 gift pens in corporate colors

HES s.r.o.

Gift pens for clients and employees

Wood for Life Foundation

Gift pens

Elite permitting

Pens for VIP clients