Kayu Egino - Oak / Black

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Handmade fountain pen of our own design made of solid wood, anodized aluminum and brass. The pen is equipped with a magnetic closure.

Wood: Oak

Color: Black anodized aluminum

Pen shape: Straight or Rounded

Nib: Classic stainless steel, Classic gold plated or Rollerball

Nib thickness: F, M or B

Filling: Cartridges or Converter How to choose the nib and filling?

Package includes: Pen, Design Cardboard Box, Felt Case, Certificate of Authenticity, Instructions for use, Surprise

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3,380.00 Kč 2,980.00 Kč
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Because each Kayu is completely our work, we can think through all the details down to the smallest bit. We solve how thick the pen will be, how it will be balanced or how the individual materials will follow each other. So you can really enjoy your Kayu.


Treat yourself to maximum user comfort. You will not find anything on Kayu pens that would bother you while writing. Edges, threads or imbalances are enemies for your grip that we simply left out. Because our only goal is your enjoyment of writing.


You can be sure that the whole Kayu is invented and made in the Czech Republic. We manufacture all parts ourselves, we only supply tips and magnets. Sometimes it's hard work, but it's worth it. We believe that you can recognize this when writing with Kayu.


Closed length 137 mm

Because it is mostly handmade, it may differ slightly. But it will fit just perfect, we promise.

Open length
129 mm 

We measure the open length including the nib, the space for grip is 30 mm which is pleasant for most of writers.

Grip diameter
10,8 mm 

The diameter of the grip is measured at the point where the wooden body meets the metal grip.

Weight± 12 g

The pen without refills and cap weighs only around a great 12 g, with a cap 22.5 g.


For all Kayu Egino pens, you can choose whether you want to fill the pen with cartridges or suck ink from the inkwell with a converter.


We use high-quality nibs from German manufacturers in basic track thicknesses F, M and B and surface finishes of steel, gold-plated steel and pure gold. However, there are many more options.


We are able to provide the pen with a monogram or text for an additional 380 CZK according to your requirements. Most often we place it on the pen clip.


If you want a pen of a special shape, length or perhaps provided with hand engraving, we will be happy to accommodate you. Unleash your imagination.


With this model, we started our whole story of making fountain pens. We wanted to bring a fresh breeze to established standards. The innovative construction of wood, brass and aluminum makes Egino light, functional and, thanks to the magnetic closure, also very addictive. In the open state, the pen is smooth, which allows grip at any height. At the same time, it is well balanced and resists drying for a long time.

We coat the pen with hard wax oil. The wood is thus not enclosed under a thick layer of varnish and is sufficiently protected. Every time you take your Kayu in your hand, you will feel a touch of nature.

The cap can be placed on the opposite side of the pen when writing and holds there thanks to the magnet hidden inside the body. It may change the balance of the pen, but someone just likes it.

The brass inserts inside both the body and lid ensure that Egino is very durable despite its subtle impression. Thanks to the magnetic closure, using Kayu is a great experience. Just pull to open and click to close again.

The grip of the pen is precisely connected to the wooden body, so the transition between materials is barely noticeable. Despite the fact that the grip is metal, it is very pleasant to the touch, making the pen easy to use.

The nib is the heart of every pen. That is why we use high-quality tips from German manufacturers. There is an inexhaustible number of variants of tip thickness or surface treatment to choose from. You can also choose to fill: with cartridges or a converter.