Kayu Nikini - Natural stainless Steel

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Pocket fountain pen of our own design made of stainless steel. It is perfectly compact, durable and fits in the hand just great. Thanks to the asymmetrically milled cap with a milled logo, it does not roll on the table. Metal parts can be provided with an extremely durable PVD coating in five hues. The pen is completely developed and manufactured in our workshops in the Czech Republic.

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Natural (no coating)

Nib: Classic gold-plated or Rollerball

Nib thickness:  Classic F (0,5 mm), M (0,6 mm), Rollerball M (0,6 mm)

Filling: Cartridges How to choose the nib and filling?

Package includes: Pen, Gift wrapping, Certificate of authenticity, Instructions for use

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2,980.00 Kč


Closed length
90 mm

The pen measures exactly 90 mm, so it really fits into even the smallest pocket.

Open length
109 mm

We measure the open length including the nib, the space for grip is limited only by the length of the pen.

Grip diameter
9,5 mm

The diameter of the grip is the same everywhere in the Nikini.

20 g

The dry weight of the pen is only 20 g, including the cap attached to the other end. 


For the Kayu Nikini pen, only cartridge filling is currently possible. We are preparing to fill with a microconverter in the future.


We use high-quality nibs from German manufacturers in basic thicknesses of F and M tracks made of gold-plated steel.


We are able to provide the pen with a monogram or text according to your requirements for an additional 380 CZK.


If you want a pen of a special shape, other length or perhaps provided with hand engraving, we will be happy to accommodate you. Unleash your imagination.