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If we want to trust, we have to get back together. We are required to have a certain act of will, which goes hand in hand with the act of surrender. Opening oneself to trust is like a smooth breath and a smooth exhalation. With each breath we can open our hearts and minds and with exhalation we can let go of our control. Only in trust can we open ourselves to life and only in trust can life come to us. (Andrea Klašková - author)

The set contains:

- Finished poster or Blank Typoster (A3)

- Postcard (A6) with the original poster, which can also serve as a template for filling

- Practice page (A6), which is a 1: 1 section of the poster and is used for writing before filling in the Typoster

- Short word about the poster, author and contact on her (A6)

- Quick Start Guide (A6)

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What are Typosters?

Typosters are innovative handwriting exercise books with which you can practice your hand, relax and even create a beautiful artwork worth hanging on the wall. Simply draw a poster according to the template with your pen or involve your own creativity. Unlike coloring books, here you fill in lines, outlines and repeated shapes. How you make is up to you.

You don't want to fill in anything? So buy a ready-made poster for which you will receive a small practice sheet. And when it catches you, you can reach for the Typoster

How Typosters work?

Repeated movement of the hand copying the pre-printed shapes and lines leads, provided the correct posture and writing instrument, to the refinement of the refinement of your writing and drawing. Plus, it's funny! Handwriting training is probably the most important part of Typosters. For the perfect experience, we chose Olin paper, Smooth Cream 200 g.

More than colouring book

We want to help cultivate the culture of writing. We want to bring people joy, we want to support young authors. We also want things to have a long-term use.


Repeated movements often induce a state of mind shutdown in our brain and, in the case of Typosters, relaxation. If you can't relax easily and calm your brain, try Typostery. You wake up when you run out of paper.

Support of the art

We connect artists with people. For each poster you will find information about the poster and its author, including contact information. Do I like the work of an author? So get in touch with him and maybe start a new fruitful collaboration.

Value added

What about a classic copybook when it's finished? When you finish Typoster, you have a beautiful design poster in your hand that is worth hanging on the wall or giving to someone. And you are the author!

Awareness and change

We try to make each of the posters carry an important idea or current issue. So maybe, when filling in, you will come up with a new perspective that will trigger a change in you and your surroundings.